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Finding the teaching jobs abroad you want isn’t always easy.  International schools job fairs are often stressful events, where hundreds of hopeful applicants undergo half a dozen short interviews over a couple of days, and often have only hours to make a decision that will have a huge impact on their lives for the next 2-3 years.  Searching for overseas teaching jobs online is a long, laborious process, and it’s easy to miss that golden opportunity.  Recruitment agencies often make you jump through several hoops before you can even apply for a job.  Even then, are they really putting your interests first?  WISH there was a better way?  Well now there is.

At the Worldwide International Schools Hub (WISH), we check thousands of international schools to bring you the most up-to-date information about who’s hiring.  Old jobs are removed from the site so you don’t waste your time on them.  There are no recruiters deciding which jobs you can and cannot apply for; no restrictions on age or nationality.  Just search for the teaching jobs abroad you want by school name, location, curriculum, subject, or job title, and we’ll show you full unedited job advertisements for all matching vacancies, complete with links to each school website so you can check out the school and apply directly.  That’s it.  No pointless pre-screening interviews, and no recruiters trying to push you in one direction or another to increase their commissions.

Okay, so how much does this cost me?  Well actually, we’d highly recommend you check out our Free Listings page first before you pay anything.  If the job you want is there you can apply for free and we WISH you good luck.  If not, for a one-off payment of just $34.95 you can have full access to all international school jobs worldwide for a whole year.

Still not sure?  Why not check out our Free Listings section and sign up for the WISH list to receive free job updates direct to your email inbox.

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