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Weifang Hansen International School

Weifang Hansen School is a high-quality, non-government funded international school designed and constructed by the Shandong 271 Education Group. Based on the excellent Chinese traditional culture that is internationally responsive, the school cultivates world citizen with outstanding qualities, deep love for family and homeland with a global perspective. The school is equipped with high-tech devices, advanced curriculum, outstanding and experienced faculty and small class sizes. With educational characteristics based on tradition, students are provided the knowledge, skills and attitudes to face international challenges and requirements so that every child can enjoy a “brilliant story of life”. Occupying an area of 150 mu with a floor area of 120,000 sq. meters, there are 4 divisions (kindergarten, primary, middle and senior levels), 96 classes, 4 auditoriums, separate gymnasium, outdoor track with stadium to accommodate more than 1,800 students.
Founded in 2017, the school has established a reputation for excellence in the Shandong province. The kinder and primary divisions provide Chinese standard curriculum as well as English Immersion, students have 20 periods of English class weekly to promote bilingual ability. The middle/high school divisions provide Chinese Curriculum and an international program with IGCSE and A Level courses for students that seek post-secondary studies at an international university. Swimming and roller-skating are mandatory for all students, with elective classes that include: Chinese handwriting, paper cutting, martial arts, tea ceremony, dance, wood carving, robotics, model airplane construction, 3-D printing, kite making, etc.
Annually students have an opportunity to participate in an outdoor experience that involves mountain climbing, travel along a river or attend a winter or summer camp abroad to learn about other cultures and broaden their perspective as a future international citizen.


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The jobs advertised are for fully qualified teachers only. Unless otherwise indicated, all openings require applicants to have a recognised teaching qualification and at least 1 years full-time teaching experience.

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