Upper Primary Teacher, - San Enrique, Spain

About This School

Located on a Spanish finca just outside of Sotogrande, we have the good fortune to enjoy not only expansive views across to Gibraltar and Morocco, but also fields to play on, trees to climb and animals to care for. In addition to this we make good use of the surrounding natural parks and beaches to immerse our learning in the natural environment.

We value discovery over teaching. Our curriculum explodes boundaries and disciplines so that our students can follow their interests and marvel at all the world has to offer. Co-creating journeys of discovery with our students lies at the heart of what we do.

Internationally accredited and staffed by experienced educators, we ensure that our students are given ample opportunities to develop academically while embarking on these journeys of discovery. Our curriculum is intellectually challenging and conceptual learning happens on an advanced level. Your 6-year-old might just come home and want to discuss the relativity of time and the emergence of perspective in Renaissance art with you. Small class sizes and an intentionally small school enable us to support each student individually, allowing them to work at a pace suited to their level of maturity and developmental needs.

As a community of learners we value an open and honest exchange of ideas and build relationships based on a shared humanity, with all its flaws, rather than identities centered around being a ‘teacher’ or ‘student’. As a tribe, we make Alma Forest a home where we can all come to know ourselves better and develop a life-long love of learning and discovery.

This model of education feels and looks different. It is best understood by coming to visit our school, talking to our teachers and students and taking in the space and atmosphere. It is a place where students and teachers come alive.


If you feel that Alma Forest School could be your new home, please complete the questionnaire and submit your CV and cover letter, which should include the reasons why you want to work at Alma Forest. If you have any questions, you can contact the Principal at philipp@almaforestschool.com.

Please make sure to read all the information on the website and in the Primary Curriculum Outline before applying.

Apply Here: https://forms.gle/KFr6wFayVrkyW3jq9

Qualifications & Experience

We are looking for an educator who:

- enjoys spending time with children (Would you sit with your students to eat lunch if you did not have to?)
- can be vulnerable around children, acknowledge their own flaws and admit mistakes
- loves the outdoors, is able to go on long hikes, can sleep in tents, is comfortable swimming in the ocean and does not mind getting muddy (this is a physically demanding job)
- can interact with children in non-violent and non-coercive ways
- is flexible, embraces chances to go off on tangents and is able to follow the interests of their students
- is willing to learn new things and conduct research as our Explorations often involve subject knowledge well beyond what might usually be found on a Primary School curriculum
- can laugh at themselves
- is willing to engage with cutting-edge educational philosophy and research
- is a native or near-native speaker of English
- must be able to work in the EU without a visa

An advantage would be if you:

- have worked in progressive or alternative settings before
- have skills that could support a developing maker community
- are interested in outdoor pursuits such as foraging, conservation, camping etc.
- can play the theremin
- are willing to take on a subject leadership role for the Middle School
- have experience in curriculum development

  1. Upper Primary Teacher