POST OF PRINCIPAL, - Kandy, Sri Lanka

About This School

Trinity College aims to produce the next generation of leaders in Sri Lanka. Our mission is to provide the best all-round education for the boys in a caring, disciplined and inspiring environment. This includes academic studies, sports, the Arts and extra-curricular activities.

True to the principles of its Anglican founders, Trinity College has always endeavoured to instill and nurture qualities such as respect, compassion, self-discipline, fairness, honesty and integrity. As an Anglican school, but with children from many different religions, we believe that these virtues are valued not only by Christians, but by members of all faiths.

Our boys should leave the school confident, articulate, well-balanced and able to think for themselves. They should be comfortable both in English and in their mother tongue. They should be ambitious and determined, yet sensitive to the needs of others. And they should be critical and creative thinkers, who are ready to make a positive difference to their country and to the world.

The ideal candidate shall have some or more of the following attributes and characteristics:
• Senior-level experience in administration and management
• post-graduate qualifications and/or certifications related to education
• excellent leadership qualities and tact to interact with a broad cross section of stakeholders
• experience with the latest learning systems and methods, including the use of electronic learning tools and performance management techniques
• experience in the development and delivery of international examination options
• familiarity with day/boarding schools, especially those in the English Public School tradition

Qualifications & Experience

The jobs advertised are for fully qualified teachers only. Unless otherwise indicated, all openings require applicants to have a recognised teaching qualification and at least 1 years full-time teaching experience.

Apply To:

The Chairman
Trinity College Kandy
Board of Governors
368/3A, Bauddhaloka Mawatha
Colombo 07

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