IBDP Mathematics Teacher (Applications and Interpretations), IBDP Biology Teacher, IBDP Business Management Teacher, - Chikushino-Shi, Japan

About This School

Linden Hall High School is an Article 1, private junior and senior high school located in Fukuoka which has an English immersion programme. We are also an IB World School that offers the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. We are looking for qualified full-time subject teachers to join our multi-national staff to teach our IBDP students in English. The positions will also include some teaching to younger grades and will commence from January 2024 (Math) or April 2024 (all other subjects). For more information about the school, campus, students and courses taught, click on the ‘View School Website’ (in blue).

Qualifications & Experience

* Possession of an accredited secondary education teaching license.
* A Bachelor's degree or higher in the subject to be taught (or a related subject).
* Native-level English proficiency.
* Experience of teaching the subject (or a closely-related subject) at an accredited school or international educational institution.
Experience of teaching the IB Diploma Programme (however, we will consider applicants with other relevant experience since IB training will be provided for the selected candidates).
Experience of teaching in English to second language learners.

Apply To:

Please send a resume and cover letter to Ms. Karen Hunter at:

* After the documents have been screened, responses will be sent to selected candidates asking for a lesson plan relating to a topic chosen by the school.
* There will be a preliminary interview (remote) with the IBDP Coordinator and current subject teachers. During this interview we will also discuss your lesson plan and candidates may be asked to present a short demonstration of part of the lesson plan.
* Shortlisted candidates will have a follow-up interview with relevant stakeholders, including the school Principal.
*Candidates will be notified of the results by email and an offer will be made to the successful applicant.

Current Vacancies

  1. IBDP Mathematics Teacher (Applications and Interpretations)
  2. IBDP Biology Teacher
  3. IBDP Business Management Teacher