Math (with Accounting) Teacher, - Iringa, Tanzania

About This School

Iringa International School provides a high quality, holistic education of an international standard. It is set in an inclusive, multicultural environment where we prepare students for a responsible role in the global community.


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Qualifications & Experience
Bachelor’s Degree in Teaching, Education or related subject (for Kindergarten, Elementary and High Schools) who is proficient in the subject(s) you will be teaching

3 or more years of teaching experience (experience within the Cambridge IGCSE system is preferable)

Fluent in English to an international standard

Very strong verbal and written communication skills

Confident and proficient computer literacy

Clear, consistent and respectful communicator

Must be a creative and compassionate team player who is flexible and willing to take on additional duties as needed

Must have strong organizational skills and good classroom management

Must demonstrate a passion for learning and sharing your knowledge with others


Current Vacancies
Iringa International School is seeking experienced, enthusiastic and dedicated Mathematics teacher to deliver the Cambridge IGCSE Mathematics and Accounting courses in our secondary school. Additional duties will include delivering a middle school curriculum that prepares students for IGCSE level.

  1. Math (with Accounting) Teacher