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About This School

The International School of Pemba, founded as an Association of Parents in 2007 is re-embarking onto a new plan. The school will be hiring new staff, 4 dedicated teachers one for each core area, whereby these teachers will lead us towards a Home School Environment, yet working towards the Cambridge Curriculum. We wish to have project based, student-lead learning and a core of excellent teachers who will be in charge of guiding, documenting and communicating with the school community regarding student progress. We are expecting a student body of 100 students. We will group grade levels allowing for a range of experiences when it comes to our project based lessons. Our school year starts in January 2020 and finishes in mid December 2020. Each core teacher will have 2 local qualified assistants to work with allowing for ample planning time and flexible class groupings.

Pemba, Mozambique, listed as having the 3rd most beautiful Bay in the world, is an amazing place to live with excellent climate with marvelous beaches, islands and safari adventures at your fingertips. We want teachers who are willing to create and be a part of the newest developments in education and take the lead in working with our community here in Pemba. We have an excellent outreach program along with special activities that keep ISP involved in the local community.


Apply To
Send C/V with photo, copies of degrees, and your Educational Philosophy to or


Qualifications & Experience
Teaching degree w/ speciality in Science, Math, English, or Social Science.
Interest in creating and implementing your ideas toward teaching each and every student in an active educational community.
Knowledge of Home Schooling, Montessori, Waldorf, IB, and Cambridge Philosophies.
Fluent in English


Current Vacancies

  1. Science
  2. Math
  3. Language
  4. Social Science