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About This School

SEK International School – El Castillo is a co-educational, day and boarding, bilingual and international school located about 20 kms from downtown Madrid, with a student body of 1100 students. Although most students are Spanish, 30% come from 40 different nationalities. Teachers come from a range of locations: Spain, the UK, other areas of Europe, and the Americas. The school is an IB World School since 1973 and is authorized to offer the PYP, MYP and DP, and is currently in process of being certified for the IBCC. SEK El Castillo is also accredited by the Council of International Schools and will commence the process for accreditation with NEASC this coming school year. The school is part of a group of schools (SEK Educational Group), which has locations across Spain, in France, Ireland and Qatar.

Job Objectives:
• Identify and promote core learning skills and teaching strategies in MYP/DP. Plan and deliver English teaching which ensures learning for all students.
• Encourage best practice through support, advice and training across school (MYP& DP).
Reports to:
• Head of department
• DP and MYP Coordinator
• Head of teaching and learning
• Head of school

• Plan, prepare, develop and deliver courses of study in English to a range of classes according to the school curriculum guidelines, school requirements, the IB Diploma Programme and the Middle Years Programme guidelines.
• Develop and present lesson plans by using a variety of teaching models and techniques in the subject areas. Use of relevant technology to support teaching.
• Manage, control and operate course provisions for the teaching of English.
• Collaborate with other teachers to revise, develop and write new vertical and horizontal curriculum documents, assessment and evaluation, and reporting, as required.
• Keep up to date with international developments in the subject area and teaching practice and methodology.
• Observe, monitor and assess students’ learning and progress. Prepare assignments and tests of assessment, homework, and other projects.
• Model inquiry practice in the classroom and the IB learner profile.
• Differentiate courses of study and lessons to meet the individual needs of diverse students, based on their academic ability and previous achievement.
• Maintain accurate and complete records of student’s academic progress and achievement.
• Communicate student progress and evaluations with parents.
• Maintain good student behaviour in the classroom and on school premises in accordance with the IB Learner Profile and the school’s disciplinary policies.
• Prepare the classroom environment and maintain a safe, secure and stimulating learning environment.
• Take on class tutorship role and support students individually and as a group, through their academic and personal difficulties.
• Use relevant ICT to support teaching and learning, as per school policies and expected methodologies.
• Prepare students for qualifications and external examinations.
• Participate in school and staff meetings and professional development opportunities, as well as other school wide and institutional events.
• Be willing to participate, cooperate and possibly lead other initiatives in school related to developing the school culture, leadership among the students and promotion of school values, such as projects, field trips, events and pastoral care of students, as a way to effectively meet the personal, social (wellbeing) and academic needs of students and staff.

• Relevant university degree
• Accepted teacher certification
• Native or near native English speaker

Essential Skills:
• Open-mindedness and international-mindedness
• Disposition to collaborate and work effectively in collaborative groups.
• Consistently communicate openly with all stakeholders, based on understanding and respect.
• Respects and practices the content of the school mission statement and its ‘core values’

• Experience working in international schools and contexts
• Knowledge and experience of MYP and DP
• Ability to communicate in Spanish

Current Vacancies:

– DP and MYP English Language and Literature
– DP and MYP Language Acquisition – Spanish
– DP and MYP Language Acquisition – English
– DP and MYP Mathematics
– DP Business
– MYP Physics


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Current Vacancies

  1. English Language and Literature
  2. Language Acquisition – Spanish
  3. Language Acquisition – English
  4. Math
  5. Business
  6. Physics