International School - Kindergarten Homeroom Teacher, - Nagoya, Japan

About This School

Work, Live, Teach in Central Japan!
Location: Nagoya, Japan (near Sakae + Hisaya Oodori subway stations)
Start Date: June or July 2023

Are you interested in working for a small company that focuses on quality, integrity and a healthy work-life balance?

Hisaya International Preschool & Kindergarten is looking for a friendly and responsible Early Childhood Education teacher to join our team.

Here at Hisaya International Preschool we are in the business of developing the next generation of Global Citizens. Our Mission is to improve students’ lives through English language education. This takes teamwork, a commitment to excellence and a company culture that puts an emphasis on continuous improvement. We take chances and are constantly looking for ways for new and innovative ways to both serve our customers and make our own jobs easier by not being afraid to try new ways of operating.
If you are looking for a place to develop your skills and want to join a team that will support you as you strive for the next level in your career, then we encourage you to contact us.

Before contacting us, please be sure you meet our minimum requirements for employment as listed on our jobs page.

Qualifications & Experience

Required skills and experience:
Must have native level English speaking skills
Must have prior ECE work experience.
Must have experience working as a part of a successful team.
Minimum 1 year (12 month) commitment to our school.
Must have a 4 year degree from an accredited university.
We are looking for a team player. That means being able to work with all stakeholders. Co-workers, parents, management. This is a team sport.
We prefer candidates with a teaching credential.

Q&A about the position:
What is the age range?
This position is as the Porcupine class lead teacher. Most of the students are 5 years old.

What is the teaching style?
We teach using a balance of play-based learning and age appropriate academic instruction designed to help children learn at the pace that's best for them. Our methods lead to our students achieving bilingualism in four years.

What kind of teacher are we looking for?
You love teaching and enjoy working with young children. You have studied and understand Early Childhood Education theory. You understand TEFL teaching methods. You have a high EQ and good people skills. You know how to get along with managers and co-workers so we can strive toward our common goals as a team. You are able to listen to feedback (that means criticism) and incorporate feedback into your work routines.
ESL teacher reading to children in Japan.

What do I get?
In return for your dedication, we provide a competitive salary and approximately 6 weeks of paid vacation time. A full and regular training program is also offered to all new entrants. We offer a career track and have assistant manager and manager positions for any teachers who are looking for something more long term. We also offer performance bonuses, contract completion bonuses and teaching license bonuses. Our policy is to recognize and reward superior performance.

Compensation / Job Details:
Full time work / Mon - Fri
40 total work hours per week
6 weeks paid vacation per year
Salary range 1st year teacher 285,000 to 300,000 yen/month
Teaching Credential bonus
Performance bonus
Contract completion bonus
Paid transportation
Free Costco Japan membership!!
Visa sponsorship available
Housing assistance available
Supportive co-workers and a reasonable owner/manager

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