Resident English Literature Teacher, - Porrentruy, Switzerland

About This School

We are a day and boarding school for students ages 8-20. We offer boarding spaces for 20-30 students a year who reside on our campus in our historic dormitory. We value the tradition of our past, the individual humanism of each student and promotes openness to the larger community and world. We are located in the French speaking part of Switzerland, two hours of Zurich, Geneva and three from Paris and Frankfurt. We have an increasingly bilingual environment that promotes many languages on campus in the classic Swiss tradition. Our primary school students (ages 8-12) learn German and English along with their French coursework, Secondary students (12-14) follow a similar linguistic pathway. Our high school options allow students to focus their studies in French or in English while pursuing the Swiss Matura or the IB Diploma.

Vacancy Details

Main responsibilities of the job
As a leader on campus, this position will design and craft programs for English Literature for students.

Student Focus
• Develop plan to guide for the classroom and content
• Work collaboratively with department to ensure a comprehensive
• Design and create assessments to demonstrate students learning and progress
• Regularly meet with administration to ensure collaboration

Pastoral Care
• Monitor the student’s welfare and behaviour and report any problems in the residence to the boarding supervisor
• Communicate with teachers related to any student concerns
• Regularly communicate with parents about both positive achievements and ways students need support
• Arrange regular meetings with the students to support them academically, socially and emotionally.

School Community
• Participate in school events
• Work with staff to ensure coverage of extra curricular activities Facilities oversight
• At weekends, to help the housekeeping team with maintaining general cleanliness and tidiness in the boarding house
• Reporting any maintenance issues through the college system
• Assist with laundry requirements of the students
• Issue keys/cards as residence requires
• To ensure a visible presence in and around the premises of the boarding house at all times when on duty

As part of your wider role within the College, you will also :
• Follow the guidelines of the staff handbook
• Work closely with the school leadership
• Demonstrate a commitment to personal development and growth
• Engage actively in the performance review process
• Comply with any reasonable request from the Principal or Head of School to undertake work not specified in this job description
• To be courteous to colleagues and parents
• To provide a welcoming environment for all visitors to the College
• You will maintain standards of ethics and behaviour in and out of the College.

Qualifications & Experience

The jobs advertised are for fully qualified teachers only. Unless otherwise indicated, all openings require applicants to have a recognised teaching qualification and at least 1 years full-time teaching experience.

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  1. Resident English Literature Teacher

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