IB Coordinator, ESL Coordinator, Librarian, Drama/Visual Arts, Music, and more... - Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

About This School

Canadian International School System (CISS) is an educational system whose objective is to develop future generations of passionate, enthusiastic, creative, proactive students who persevere to successfully realize their goals. Our students are educated with the necessary knowledge and important skills to succeed and be happy in this growing, moving and challenging world.

Teaching jobs at the Canadian International School System-Vietnam (CISS-VN) Ho Chi Minh City are now open for SY 2019-2021. We welcomes all your applications to our system with the followings:
The Canadian International School System – Vietnam (CISS-VN) consists of :
• The Canadian International School (CIS) delivers the Ontario Curriculum Kindergarten to Grade 12 entirely in English. After Grade 10, students are eligible to apply to the IBDP Programme Years 1 and 2, Grades 11 and 12.
• The Bilingual Canadian International School (BCIS) delivers the Vietnamese National Curriculum, Grades 1 – 12 and instruction in English language oral and written fluency according to Ontario Ministry of Education documents for Language Arts and English Language Learners.
• The Canada-Vietnam Kindergarten (CVK) delivers programs for children ages 18 months to 5 years old.
• The Albert Einstein School (AES) delivers the Vietnamese National Curriculum, Grades 1 – 12 and the Ed Excel English Program.

Vacancy Details

1. IB Coordinator. Visit https://goo.gl/K3bwRA for further details.
2. Teacher Librarian K – 12. Visit https://goo.gl/vrmyDg for further details.
3. Secondary Drama and Visual Arts. Visit https://bit.ly/2AbHaz0 for further details.
4. Elementary Music. Visit https://bit.ly/2CbgQF5 for further details.

1. EAL Teachers. Visit https://goo.gl/f7SdYD for further details
2. Classroom Teachers. Visit https://goo.gl/JBRe79 for further details.
3. Physical Education teacher. Visit https://bit.ly/2RXryZM for further details
4. Lead teacher. Visit https://bit.ly/2B0qefl for further details.

1. ELL Coordinator
2. English Teacher

Rotary EFL English Teacher. Visit https://bit.ly/2rmQ2ge for further details.

Application Process:
– Submit the following:
• Cover letter;
• Resume including your current OCT (if any)
• Passport information page with your photo
• The names and contact information (telephone number(s). + email addresses) of three (3) professional references.
Your referees are, preferably, those who have been in a supervisory role to you and who can be readily contacted to provide a reference by phone or email.
– Submit your application and Offence Declaration form online to: jobapplication@admin.cis.edu.vn
– Link to download Offence Declaration form. BEFORE an interview you must submit this signed offence form: https://goo.gl/E5wHg7

Qualifications & Experience

The jobs advertised are for fully qualified teachers only. Unless otherwise indicated, all openings require applicants to have a recognised teaching qualification and at least 1 years full-time teaching experience.

Apply To:

Please Click 'Employment Page' Link for Details of How to Apply

Current Vacancies

  1. IB Coordinator
  2. ESL Coordinator
  3. Librarian
  4. Drama/Visual Arts
  5. Music
  6. Physical Education
  7. ESL
  8. English
  9. Primary

Please note:

Worldwide International Schools Hub is not a recruitment agency. We do not have a contract to recruit for this school or any other. Please do not send us your CV or personal documents. All jobs listed include links to the school website and employment/vacancies page so that you can apply directly to the school.