Biology and Chemistry, Business, English, Math, French, and more... - Bujumbura, Burundi

About This School

Bujumbura International Montessori School, BIMS. How is it that BIMS is presenting The Edexcel British curriculum and yet it is called Montessori? The Montessori philosophy encourages children to explore and discover the world around them and to make appropriate progress in all that they study and do. The Edexcel programme gives us the structure we need for the children to be assessed across a wide range of subjects. This blend of Montessori and Edexcel is designed to give each and every one of our students the very best start on the road to success.


Apply To
To apply: The Candidate should deposit at Bujumbura International Montessori School, Kabondo Rukonwe Av. N.6 or on


Qualifications & Experience
The candidates must hold the following:
– A Bachelor Degree in the applied field;
– 3 to 5 Years in Teaching International High School IGCSE and “A” Level;
– Have a thorough knowledge of the British Curriculum (Edexcel or Cambridge) in their Subject
– Must be able to pass a test at the level that they are teaching.
Skills and Competencies
The Candidate must:
– Have a high level of English proficiency both in written, spoken and comprehension;
– Have notable computer skills;
– Have good Social skills.


Current Vacancies
“A” level Teachers in the following fields:
>Biology and Chemistry. The candidate should hold a significant knowledge in Pure and Applied Sciences or General Sciences;
> Business ;
>Senior English;
>Senior Math. The candidate must be knowledgeable of statistic and Mechanic at A level;
> French. The Candidate must have a good knowledge of English;
> Information Technology. The candidate must hold a background in Programming and Coding.
>History and Geography.

  1. Biology and Chemistry
  2. Business
  3. English
  4. Math
  5. French
  6. IT
  7. History and Geography