Elementary English Language Arts Teacher, - Nanjing, China

About This School

Opening in the fall of 2019, our new school in Nanjing will serve students in PreK–grade 9, and will expand each year until it reaches a capacity of 1,200 students in PreK–grade 12. The school’s facilities will include top-of-the-line classrooms, gymnasium, track and field, heated indoor swimming pool, professional black-box theater, Apple computer lab, and a multipurpose activity center.

Nanjing is one of the Four Great Ancient Capitols of China. The school’s campus will be located in Nanjing’s Xianlin University Town in Qixia District—home to Qixia Mountain, numerous historical sites, a vibrant arts community, museums, and beautiful scenery along the banks of the Yangtze River


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Qualifications & Experience
A Bachelor’s degree in Elementary/Primary Education with additional course work, or special certification, for English Language Arts, or a reading endorsement, OR a degree in English with a minor or additional training in Elementary Education or Childhood Development.

Documentation of passage of a state or national authorized subject test in the teaching area may fulfill the special certification.

Minimum two years teaching experience as a lead teacher required.

Must be able to successfully pass a background clearance.

Preferred: Subject matter postgraduate work (Master’s or Ph.D.) is preferred. Together with a high level of educational attainment, a successful applicant will demonstrate strong communication skills in teaching ideas, texts, and concepts with precision and confidence. Must be open to new ideas in teaching.

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Elementary English Language Arts Teacher

  1. Elementary English Language Arts Teacher