Primary Engineering Teacher, Learning Expert Teacher (K-4), Pre-Kindergarten Teacher, - Bangkok, Thailand

About This School

Bangkok, Thailand is the newest location for BASIS International Schools. Our high performing network consistently has schools ranked among the top ten schools in the United States, and our international schools continue to raise the bar in international education, with over two dozen students qualifying for the World Scholars’ Cup Global Round in the last two years.


BASIS International School Bangkok will open in August 2019. This will open up an exciting new cultural and educational opportunity for BASIS Curriculum teachers. Thailand is rich in culture, history, and beauty, and we are excited to bring the BASIS Curriculum to such an exciting and inspiring location. Our teachers and staff will enjoy a brand-new, state-of-the-art facility with nearby housing, shopping, and cultural activities.


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Qualifications & Experience
A Bachelor’s degree in the subject area and ability to successfully pass a background clearance. In addition to a Bachelor’s degree, a major (24-30 credit hours) or advanced degree in the teaching subject fulfills the highly qualified requirement.
Preferred: Subject matter postgraduate work (Master’s or Ph.D.) is preferred. Together with a high level of educational attainment, a successful applicant will demonstrate strong communication skills in teaching ideas, texts, and concepts with precision and confidence. Must be open to new ideas in teaching.


Current Vacancies
Primary Engineering Teacher
Learning Expert Teacher (K-4)
Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

  1. Primary Engineering Teacher
  2. Learning Expert Teacher (K-4)
  3. Pre-Kindergarten Teacher