English, Math, Design Technology, Science, Counselor, - Dhaka, Bangladesh

About This School

AusIS (Australian International School) is an international school serving students from 3-18 years old. It follows the Australian National Curriculum and is accredited by the Western Australian Government. Curriculum framework integrates eight learning areas to ensure a balanced education and a strong foundation for each child. This power of eight includes: English, Mathematics, Science, Health,Technology, Arts, Society and the Environment and Mother language (Bangla) as well.

At the senior level- inspections, moderations and external exams are monitored by the Western Australian School Curriculum and Standards Authority. AusIS is now an IBDP and IBPYP authorized school and also a candidate school for IB MYP.

Apply To
Send your CV to hrasst@ausisdhaka.net

Qualifications & Experience
1. Master and Bachelors in Mathematics;
2. At least 3 year(s) teaching experience with IB Curriculum;
3. IB (International Baccalaureate) MYP/DP curriculum official training is mandatory;
4. Diploma in Education will be given preference

Current Vacancies
1. English Teacher (IB – MYP/DP)
2. Mathematics Teacher (IB – MYP/DP)
3. Design Technology Teacher (IB – MYP/DP)
4. Science Teacher (IB – MYP/DP)
5. Student/School Counselor (IB)

  1. English
  2. Math
  3. Design Technology
  4. Science
  5. Counselor